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Short Palo Alto Networks, Downside Risk Based On Upcoming Patent Infringement Trial

Palo Alto Networks Launches the Industry's Fastest Next-Generation Firewall

D. Juniper Victory on Infringement Spells BIG Trouble for Palo Alto If Juniper prevails at trial on infringement, the case is over because the court, in granting Juniper's motion for summary judgment on assignor estoppel, ruled that Palo Alto could not present a defense to infringement based on the alleged invalidity of the patents. (Palo Alto retains the right to challenge the verdict based on a theory of laches, but that is not before the court at this trial, and for purposes of what happens to the stock when the verdict is rendered will not be on the mind of most traders, as the issue has not even been briefed.) If Juniper wins this trial, it will seek monetary damages and injunctive relief. Of these remedies, injunctive relief is, by far, the more relevant, and more impactful to Palo Alto stock.
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Palo Alto Networks adds virtual firewall, targeted malware protection

Second, because it has a unique single-pass architecture designed to optimize performance, the PA-7050 can provide all of this security capability at speeds much greater than alternatives in the market; this ensures business processes run smoothly and securely for our customers." -- Lee Klarich, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Palo Alto Networks The PA-7050: The industry's fastest NGFW At its inception, Palo Alto Networks set the gold standard for the definition of a high performance next-generation firewall that is architected from the ground up to protect digital assets by identifying and safely enabling all applications, including those encrypted with SSL while blocking known and unknown threats. As the newest member of the Palo Alto Networks family of next-generation firewalls, the PA-7050 runs PAN-OS(TM), the operating system that is the heart of the Palo Alto Networks platform, and supports throughput speeds up to 120 Gbps for core firewall functionality. Because of the combination of performance, scalability, and security, the PA-7050 is ideally and equally suited for: -- The data center where validation of applications and users, and threat prevention at 100Gbps or more is critical; -- The Internet gateway where visibility and control over all applications and protection from known and unknown threats are critical; and -- Internal network segments, where isolation of critical BYOD data and business functions is required. The PA-7050 features a distributed processing architecture to provide scalable performance.
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Palo Alto Networks Launches the Industry's Fastest Next-Generation Firewall

WildFire was originally a cloud-based service where customers could voluntarily upload executable files for analysis. Palo Alto would identify whether the file was malware and warn customers. With WildFire Subscription, Palo Alto will offer one-hour turnaround for full protection against targeted malware. WildFire will identify executable files, source URLs and network behavior for this malware, and automatically upload protection signatures onto the firewalls of WildFire subscribers. This malware protection is more targeted than traditional antivirus technology that relies on honeynets to detect and analyze threats, Palo Alto's King said. WildFire catches threats that target its enterprise customers. "Forty-five percent of the malware we discover is not recognized by any of the leading antivirus vendors when we discover it," he said. "A lot of the targeted or unique malware isn't spread out all over the world. They just aim it directly at a target so it never hits the honeynets. These are threats that are targeting our customers today." Many other vendors offer targeted malware detection and protection, Gartner's Pescatore said. Cisco, for instance, has its IronPort and ScanSafe services.
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(Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20130508/SF04701LOGO ) The amount of data travelling across enterprise networks continues to grow at a rapid rate, and enterprises need to ensure that data moves as quickly as possible to maintain business productivity. This challenge is compounded by the need to apply next-generation security throughout the network to protect against sophisticated cyber attacks. These attacks can hide in plain sight, using common applications to penetrate exterior defenses, and once inside a network, act like day-to-day traffic while stealing targeted data via applications such as FTP, webmail or veiled within SSL. Common port-based firewalls, plus simple signature-based protection mechanisms masked as next-generation firewalls cannot safely enable applications; they only block them, and further cannot deliver adequate performance with these security features enabled. The result: many organizations limit application of tight security controls, leaving their organizations at risk. Palo Alto Networks addresses this challenge head-on with the PA-7050, a powerful, yet easy-to-extend and manage next-generation firewall that is designed from the ground up to deliver performance consistency with next-generation security controls enabled. Quotes: -- "Big security news stories are a daily event as the threats facing enterprises are getting more pervasive and sophisticated.
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