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Hp Moonshot: Say Goodbye To The Vanilla Server - Forbes

The required datacenter capacity cannot be served effectively with current datacenter and server architectures. Current enterprise data centers arent prepared for the onslaught of devices coming their way. Its not as easy as adding more homogenous, virtualized servers. Theres just not enough power or space to do this with standard architectures. Its just not efficient. This is where HP Moonshot comes into play. At massive scale, the key is to deliver the most efficient service for a specific workload. HP has created an ecosystem of specialized cartridges that can use vastly different kinds of compute engines to deliver a wide range of specialized services. These compute engines are CPUs, GPUs, APUs, DSPs and FPGAs from AMD, Applied Micro, Calxeda, Intel and Texas Instruments . Datacenters can put up to 1800 servers in a single, 47U rack, which could take 10X as many racks using a standard architecture. This extreme density reduces, per a given unit of work, the datacenter size, energy consumption, complexity and cost. HP officially launched today the first ProLiant Moonshot Cartridge with the Intel Atom 1200 processor and will roll out more over the course of the year. HP wont stop with those 5 vendors, as there are many different kinds of compute solutions that provide good specialized workload performance. These are workloads like cloud gaming, visualization, HPC applications, financial services and facial recognition.
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